MO 21.9


A) 1000m Row for time.

5mins rest

B) 0:00-10:00
Team Wod- Friendly Fran
21 Thrusters (115/85)
21 C2B

10:00- 25:00
Find 1RM Front Squat.

DI 22.9.

Conditioning/ Nasty Nancy.

5 Rounds
500m Run
15 OHS
15 bar facing burpees
Adv: 115/85
Int: 95/65

Bike 1250m
Dbl dB squats (Heavy for 2 sets)
15 burpees over dB

Tc 40mins

MI 23.9

Crossfit strength

A) Max hs hold against a wall.
(Scaled is dB above head 15/10)

B) 5×3 Tempo Banded Deadlifts
2s up- pause- 2s down

After- build to Diane weight.

C) Damn Diane
15 Deadlifts 315/205
15 Strict deficit hspu (25lb,15lb) no abmat
TC 14mins

DO 17.9.

A) practice Bar Muscle Up technique with drills for direction and Kipping.

B) Push and Pull Strength: Superset
5 x 10 Pull ups
5 x 15 Push ups
Rest 90s

C) Jackie
1000m Row
50 Barbell Thrusters (20/15)
30 pull ups
Goal sub 9
Tc 14mins

FR 18.9

A) 50-50-50 Single arm DB press
25 each side. (Use a weight you can do 25 unbroken)

B) 10rft
8 Power Cleans (95/65)
8 Front Squats
24 double Unders (55 SU)
30s rest
*Go 115/85 if you KNOW you can hold unbroken!!! All 10 rounds! The 30s rest is to give time to hang on, treat each round as a sprint!
Goal sub 20mins
Tc 23mins

SA 19.9

Sommerparty with Workouts and BBQ

SO 20.9.

be there or be square