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Dienstag, 17.09.2019

Strict mucle up practice

3 min AMRAP
Burpee pull up

15min EMOM
8-12 Ring rows
20s L-sit (parallettes or hanging)
8-12 deficit pushups 45/35 lbs plate

3 rounds
45s side plank L
45s side plank R
*scale time so you can do all 3 rounds unbroken

Alt. Death by Emom until failure
1. 15 wall balls 20/14 lbs
2.15 KB swings 24/16 kg
3.15 down and up
4. rest
*add one rep on every movement per round until you can no longer complete the work in the given time

TC after round of 24 (10 rounds)

CrossFitDienstag, 17.09.2019